Cover Letter 2018
Spanish Cover Letter

From Sep 21 – Oct 12 PES students will participate in our 1st READ-A-THON. We want to raise money while we keep kids reading!

As a school, we understand the need to promote a healthy and educational fundraiser for our students, while respecting parents’ requests for an easy no-nonsense approach to helping us reach our budget goals. Students will feel empowered by making a commitment to stay on task and help their school!

We have teamed up with The Get Movin Crew to provide an effortless way for you to communicate with friends and relatives and ask them to join our team, and support our school!


  1.  Just go to Register your student and send a few emails!
  2. Look for the red square , click the star build your student fundraising page!
  3. Send a few emails and Post to Social Media!
    o Watch your child’s Pledge Meter blast to the top fast! Be a Superstar!
    o Please help us by helping your child raise a total of $40.00 in donations.
    o It’s easy! Just help your child gather 4, $10.00 flat donations, or more.

Donations are tax deductible and go directly to Providence Elementary School PTA to fund initiatives such as: Family events, field trips, classroom supplies, teacher appreciation, and technology.

Our total school goal is $22,000

Event details:

  • Start Date: Friday, Sep 21
  • Final Donation due date: Friday, Oct 12
  • Donations in the form of cash & checks are preferred and should be turned in to the school sealed in
    the supplied enveloped.
  • Online payments are also welcome
  • Please make checks payable to: PES PTA

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